Business Agreements

Regojo Law believes it is important for small businesses to reign in spending and control its legal fees. In order to do so, we will work with you to draft a number of different agreements for your business needs on a fixed price basis, as set forth below. All of our fixed price services include a consultation with an attorney, preparation of the document and one round of revisions once we have sent the initial draft of the agreement. Further revisions will be at a cost of $200 per hour.

Most Popular

Bill of Sale —$175
Form a Corporation —$600 (includes state filing fees)
Form an LLC —$600 (includes state filing fees)
Last Will and Testament —$500
Lease Agreement —$400
Name Change —$250
Power of Attorney —$250
Prenuptial Agreement —$600
Promissory Note —$300
Trademark Registration —$825 (includes all USPTO fees)

Corporate Agreements

Bylaws —$500
Certificate of Good Standing —$75
Corporate Amendment —$250
DBA/Fictitious Name —$250 + State Filing Fee
Director’s Resolution —$175
Stock Subscription Agreement —$700
Distribution Agreement —$700
Form a Corporation —$600 (includes all state fees)
Form an LLC —$600
Form an S Corporation —$700 (includes all fees)
Joint Venture Agreement —$700
LLC Operating Agreement —$700
Corporate Minutes — $250
Partnership Agreement —$700
Sale of Business —$700
Shareholder Loan Agreement —$400
Shareholder Agreement —$700
Shareholder Resolution —$175
Stock Purchase Agreement —$700

Debt Help and Loans

Bill of Sale —$175
Complaint Letter —$350
Demand Letter —$700
Guarantee Agreement —$300
Loan Agreement —$300
Promissory Note —$300

Release Agreement —$300

Intellectual Property, Trademarks and Copyrights

Cease and Desist Letter —$650
Copyright Assignment —$450 (includes government fee and assignment agreement)
Register a Copyright —$450 (includes government fee)
Register a Trademark —$825 (includes USPTO fees)
Trade Name Assignment —$450 (includes government fees and assignment agreement)
Trademark Assignment —$450 (includes government fees and assignment agreement)
Trademark Search —$400

Family Law

Child Medical Consent —$250
Cohabitation Agreement —$350
Medical Power of Attorney —$250
Name Change —$250
Postnuptial Agreement —$600
Prenuptial Agreement —$600
Separation Agreement —$600

Wills and Estates

Living Wills —$250
Power of Attorney —$250
Revocation of Power of Attorney —$150
Medical Power of Attorney —$250
Will Codicil —$250
Will —$500

Real Estate Documents

Amendment to Lease —$300
Commercial Lease —$750
Equipment Lease —$500
Landlord Consent to sublease —$250
Lease Assignment —$300
Mortgage- $700
Quitclaim Deed —$300
Residential Lease Agreement —$400
Roommate Agreement —$300
Sale Agreement —$600
Sublease Agreement —$300
Warranty Deed —$500

Other Agreements

Affidavit —$250
Amendment to an Agreement —Starting at $250
Assignment Agreement —$375
Childcare Services Agreement —$300
Cleaning Services Agreement —$300
Consulting Agreement —$500
Contractor Agreement —$500
EIN Application —$95
Employment Contract —$400
General Service Agreement —$400
Gift Deed —$250
Guarantee Agreement —$300
Indemnification Agreement —$400
ITIN Application —$200
Letter of Intent —$450
Licensing Agreement —$600
Non-competition Agreement —$500
Non-disclosure/Non-circumvention Agreement —$500
Purchase Agreement —$600
Release Agreement —$500
Sales Agreement —$600
Services Agreement —$500
Termination Agreement —$400
Terms and Conditions for a Website —$750
Website Disclaimers —$500
Website Privacy Policies —$500