About Us

Regojo Law is a Florida based law firm dedicated to assisting small and medium sized business owners, entrepreneurs and consumers in both the United States and Latin America in a number of practice areas, including but not limited to business and corporate matters, intellectual property, internet law, estate planning, government regulations, franchise law and real estate. We strive on offering our clients outstanding service at a price that they can afford.

As the cost of doing business continues to increase, so does the corresponding billable rates charged by attorneys. Unfortunately, this increased cost has made it impractical or unaffordable for the majority of small business owners in Florida and Latin America to consult with an attorney and get the legal advice that they need in order to properly operate their companies. The rising costs has resulted in the increased use by small businesses of online legal document preparation services to resolve their legal needs. Many other small businesses fail to seek adequate legal representation due to costs. This trend becomes particularly worrisome as small businesses continue to struggle due to the recession.

Regojo Law aims to fill the void by offering legal services for small businesses and Latin American clients at a truly affordable price. We do this in a number of ways:

  • We strive to offer fixed fees for many of the services that we offer;
  • We offer a la carte services, allowing you to choose the service that you need and nothing more, if that is what you desire.
  • Our prices typically fall in between the fees charged by some of the more popular online legal document services and those charged by a mid size law firm.
  • We leverage technology and eliminate all unnecessary expenses to keep our operating costs down to a minimum.
  • Reasonable hourly rates
  • General Counsel plans where you can buy a pre-set number of hours for a discount

Regojo Law is able to offer competitive pricing due to our low operating expenses. We do not have a mahogany and marble office in a downtown high rise; we also do not have unnecessary staff or associates earning six figure salaries with little experience to show for it. We are a bare knuckles law firm founded by an attorney and small business owner. Our goal is to offer our clients exceptional service for a low cost, removing all the unnecessary expenses in the way.

Antonio Regojo is not only an attorney in Florida, but he’s also a small business owner and founder of Inversionario.com, a Spanish language financial education website. Due to the fact that Mr. Regojo has faced many of the same concerns that today’s small and mid size business owners frequently encounter, Regojo Law is prepared to meet these concerns head on and offer our clients well founded solutions.

We can arrange for face to face conferences via Skype, or we can set up an appointment to meet in person at our location in Miami, Florida. The bottom line is that through the use of technology, our clients can communicate with us via a number of different mediums, making us very accessible.