Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

One of the most important things that you need to protect as a business is your intellectual property, including your trademarks, copyrights and patents. After spending so much time, energy and money developing your intellectual property, you must consider taking steps to protect such important investments. Whether you are a large multinational organization, a Latin American business looking to enter the US market, or an individual entrepreneur, protecting your intellectual property portfolio is essential to assure the long term success of your business.

Regojo Law can assist you in properly registering and filing your trademarks and copyrights to ensure that no one else can capitalize or take advantage of your success. We can also help enforce your rights and stop the infringement of your intellectual property rights. We offer fixed prices for trademark and copyright registration.

Regojo Law can help with the following:

Federal Trademark Registration – $925 (includes government fees)
Register a Copyright – $500 (includes government fees)
Florida Trademark Registration – $700 (includes government fees)
Trademark Assignment – $450 (includes government fee and assignment agreement)
Copyright Assignment – $450 (includes government fee and assignment agreement)
Trademark Search – $400
Trade Name Assignment – $400
Cease and Desist Letter – $650 (includes follow up with infringer)

Additional Intellectual Property Services

Trademark infringement enforcement
Trademark Licensing Agreements – $700
Trademark Assignment to another party- $500 (includes USPTO fee)
Copyright infringement enforcement
Intellectual property analysis and structure
Intellectual property and your website
Non-competition Agreements – $500
Non-disclosure Agreements – $500
Work for hire agreements – $500