Small Business Focus

Regojo Law understands that for many small and medium size businesses, it is difficult to find affordable, high quality legal services in order to resolve their legal needs. Many small businesses cannot afford to pay $400 an hour whenever they have a legal question or need a simple contract. The solution, however, is not to ignore the resolution of legal services, or to turn to a legal document preparation service.  Regojo Law is dedicated to helping the small and medium size business maximize their legal budget. We strive to offer affordable and flexible pricing and a la carte services for entrepreneurs doing business in Florida. We work hard to stay on top of technology and other cost effective solutions in order to keep our costs at a minimum, which we in turn pass on to the small business. Our knowledge of small business and start-up issues sets us apart from many law firms that are not familiar with the complexities of operating on a small legal budget.

Small businesses need to have complete control of their budget and operating expenses, as every penny counts. Unpredictable or inflated legal fees can have a negative impact on your bottom line, so it is critical that you control these fees as much as possible.  Regojo Law offers numerous payment structures that will allow you to exercise control over the amount of legal fees you pay each month, including fixed fees for many services, affordable hourly rates, a la carte document preparation, or a prepaid general counsel arrangement.