Small Business Attorneys in Florida

Small Business Attorneys in Florida

August 3, 2014 Press & Media 0

Regojo Law is a Small Business focused Law form located in Miami and serving the entire state of Florida. We are a bi-lingual law firm that offers an array of legal services that can help your small business succeed in a global economy.

Why Regojo Law?

Finding a good lawyer that can help you, a lawyer that you trust and can count on, is a very important asset to you as a business owner. Antonio Regojo of Regojo Law is just that: A lawyer you can trust to handle your business affairs with the same focus and intensity that you would. Call Regojo Law today for a free consultation and see what a good lawyer can do for you.

What does Regojo Law offer?

Regojo Law can help with the following and more:

  • Forming a corporation or LLC;
  • EIN Numbers;
  • ITIN Numbers;
  • Shareholder Agreements;
  • Establishing your entity in the United States;
  • Operating Agreements;
  • Stock Sale or Acquisition Agreements;
  • Franchise Law and Franchise Agreements
  • Joint Ventures
  • Cross Border Transactions
  • Purchase or Sale of a Business


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