Shareholder Agreement for Florida Business

Shareholder Agreement for Florida Business — $700.00

shareholder agreement florida affordable business lawyerA Shareholder agreement is an agreement between the shareholders of a corporation regarding the ownership and voting rights of the shareholders with respect to the corporation.  The shareholder agreement typically includes items such as distribution of dividends, voting rights, nomination of the board of directors, rights of first refusal, raising additional capital, the sale or transfer of shares, etc.

If you intend on starting a corporation with one or more parties in Florida, it is vital that you memorialize the terms of your shareholder interactions on paper in a signed contract.  While many people like to have an informal agreement with nothing written down (because it is awkward to ask the other parties to sign a contract), without a doubt you will have problems at some point in the future, possibly damaging the corporation.  That is why it is important to write down the terms, so if a problem does occur, the parties can refer to the shareholder agreement to resolve the dispute.

It doesn’t matter whether you are staring a business with a family member or friend, the shareholder agreement will protect the future of the business by resolving all potential problems at the beginning.

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