Non Disclosure Non Circumvention Agreement

Non Disclosure Non Circumvention Agreement in Florida — $500.00

NDA Florida affordable business attorneyA non disclosure, non circumvention agreement is an agreement wherein one party agrees that it will not disclose another party’s confidential info to the public, nor will it use such confidential information against the other party.  If you are entering into a joint venture agreement, or working with a consultant or developer and are required to disclose confidential information of your company, it is vital that you protect such information with an NDA.  Additional the Non Circumvention will ensure that if you disclose potential customers or potential investments to another party, that such party will not be able to use such information to cut you out of a business deal.

A non disclosure non circumvention agreement is vital to protect your businesses’ intellectual property, including your confidential information and your customer lists.  Regojo Law can prepare an NDA in Florida in a quick and cost effective manner.  Contact us today to see how we can help with your legal needs.

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