Immigration Lawyer Miami

Immigration Lawyer Miami

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If you are looking for a permanent residency in the United states of America there are certain rules and regulations for you to apply for immigration and an experienced immigration lawyer Miami can help you in this area as they are experts in the field and have handled many cases in attaining both the immigration and work visas for their clients. They help you understand in which category you can file for the immigration visa with the USCIS to start the process and assist you in sourcing all the required documents to support your visa application.

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Regojo Law checks in which category your immigration visa actually fits to apply for the green card and accordingly file the application to concerned authorities on your behalf. Generally for the immigration visa your employer needs to first file a petition and on approval your visa process shall start. There are almost five categories under which one can apply for the immigration visa depending on your eligibility in which you fit as per the immigration law.

The first category is for those people who are executives and managers in multinational companies and also those with exception abilities, professors and researchers. The second category is the people with advanced degrees and whose work is in the interest of the US nation. The third category is for those skilled and unskilled workers with relevant experience in the field as specified by the immigration rules. Fourth category is for special category people like religious workers and ministries while fifth includes those who put in huge investments in the commercial ventures in the national interest of US.

A legal professional must be very carefully decided on as an undesirable lawyer can provide more difficulties, so choose a lawyer carefully.  Choose a legal professional who is board certified. The word “board certified” ensures that your lawyer is an expert inside a certain part of law. A well skilled along with panel qualified correct Miami Immigration Lawyer have to be capable to:

  • Shield immigration throughout deportation/removal process
  • Symbolize immigration in custody akin to immigration law
  • Defend non residents via offender charges in which may affect the status
  • Receive green card or perhaps permanent resident reputation to the immigrant
  • Obtain staff member visas
Work Visa Application

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There are generally just one or two concerns among numerous from the immigration regulation. If the legal professional is often a member of tremendous solicitor’s local community, it can be said that he’s an efficient as well as gifted lawyer as the users have to have handed the business’s sound selection and also evaluation method.

If you need a Work Visa, want to become a US citizen or you have general immigration questions call today for a free initial consultation.  We would be happy to talk to you about your situation and let you know how we can help.


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